Rug Cleaning
At PARS FLOORING, we specialize in cleaning rugs of all fiber types from all regions of
the world. Whether you are trying to restore an old antique rug, or simply trying to remove
stains from a basic throw rug, we guarantee the most comprehensive rug cleaning
service in New York.

Our in-house rug cleaning experts have, combined, been restoring rugs in New York for
over 50 years. And unlike other companies that out source their rug cleaning services,
our process takes place in-house, guaranteeing that you get the highest quality cleaning,
best price, and a knowledgeable staff to help you make the right cleaning decision.

Our rug cleaning process is dependent upon your rug type and your desired level of
cleaning/protection. That's why we offer multiple rug cleaning services, from gentle
hand-washing, to deep shampoo cleaning, to large industrial rug machine washing. We
not only guarantee that our rug cleaning process will provide the most effective cleaning
for your particular rug, but we can offer you multiple price points depending on your
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